Frequently asked questions

Movies and movie schedule

I can't find the schedule for next week, will you be working?

The weekly cinema schedule (Friday to Thursday) is compiled and published every Tuesday. Click here for the cinema schedule.
How long will you show a particular movie?
The length of a film's run in a movie theater depends on its popularity. New movies are shown in cinemas for at least one week and on average 2-4 weeks. For films that are no longer in the schedule, screenings can be booked for groups in a private screening. More information can be found here.
Where can I find information about the film? (Censorship, run time, language)
All the information about the movies is listed next to each movie: run time, censor, format and language.
How long are the advertisements shown?
Screenings start with advertising and film trailers for up to 20 minutes.
I want to come with a child who is under 13 years old and the movie is rated N-13. Can I see the movie?
The age limits for N-7 and N-13 are not strict. Children can see the film with an adult entourage.
I want to come with a child who is under 16 years old and the film has an N-16 age restriction. Can I see the movie?
The age limit for N-16 is strict. Therefore, persons under 16 years of age will not be admitted to the movie.


Tickets: exchange, reservation, price, type, failed purchase

Can I return my cinema tickets?

Purchased cinema tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. For important reasons, tickets can only be exchanged upon arrival at the cinema cash desk.
Can I reserve tickets?
Tickets are not reserved for visitors. They just can be purchased on the website, app or at the cinema's self-service kiosks.
What are the ticket prices for Apollo Kinas at Vilnius Akropolis?
Ticket prices for Apollo Kinas at Vilnius Akropolis can be found here.

What are the ticket prices for Apollo Kinas Panevėžys?
Ticket prices for Apollo Kinas in Panevėžys can be found here.
Do I need to provide proof of the discount to get the discount?
Tickets for seniors, disabled persons and children must be accompanied by proof of the discount at the time of purchase and/or on entry. Failure to present this document may result in the cinema staff refusing entry.
Children up to what age are admitted free?

Children under the age of three do not need to buy a ticket if they sit on their parents' lap during the film.
Are cinemas accessible for people with reduced mobility?

"Apollo Kinas" is accessible for people with reduced mobility. Guests in wheelchairs are admitted free of charge if they are in a wheelchair during the screening. In this case, a ticket is issued at the cinema's information desk. If a guest wishes to sit in a cinema chair, he/she must purchase a ticket. A discount is available for people presenting a disability certificate.
What if I've been charged but haven't received my tickets?
If the system did not send/ generate the tickets and the money was charged, please send your contact details and a copy of the payment for the failed purchase (or bank confirmation) to
What if money has been deducted twice?
If you have been charged twice when purchasing your tickets, please send your contact details and a copy of the payment (or bank confirmation) to 
Will my ticket be accepted if I show it in PDF format?

Of course! Even more convenient, once you've bought your ticket, it's also available in the Apollo Cinema app - under "My Tickets".

Promotions, offers and special screenings

Why I can't take advantage of the "Aciu" Cinema Tuesday promotion?
Make sure you choose the ticket category "Regular Ticket". This discount does not apply to "Star" seats. The discount code is also not valid on public holidays and public holidays. If you are unable to use the discount code for any other reason, please contact and we will help you solve the problem.
What is a baby morning screening?
These are special screenings for parents with young children. Every week, on Tuesdays, we show one of the latest films, with quieter sound and dimmed lights. More information you can find here.
For who is valid a family ticket?
A family ticket is valid when going to the cinema at least one adult and at least one child under 12 years of age. One family ticket is valid for one person.
Which films are eligible for the Family Ticket offer?
The offer is valid for all family films with age restrictions V and N7.


School groups, events, business clients

Does the teacher need to pay for a cinema ticket?
Groups of more than 10 students or soldiers group leaders receive a free ticket if booked in advance. For more information and a booking form, click here.
How far in advance do I have to fill in the booking form if I have selected a film from the schedule?

When choosing a film from the cinema schedule, you must place your order 2 working days in advance.
How far in advance do I need to fill in a booking form for a film that is not in the schedule?
Special bookings (with the possibility to choose the time and film from the catalogue of educational films) are accepted 7 working days in advance.
I want to celebrate my birthday at the cinema, where can I get more information and where can I go?
The offer for children's birthday celebrations is valid only at Apollo Kinas Panevėžys. Apollo Kinas has special birthday packages for children's birthday parties. You can order cinema tickets, snacks drinks, cake and an animator. For more information and a booking form, click here.
I'm a business client looking to hold a conference in a cinema or book a private screening.

Business customers can find more information and fill in the request form for room rental, private sessions, etc. here.

Gift tickets

I have a gift ticket. Can I use it to pay for popcorn?
The gift ticket is valid only at Apollo Kinas cinemas, one voucher can be exchanged for one cinema ticket. It cannot be used to buy food or drinks.
Can I extend the validity of a gift ticket?
Gift tickets or cards cannot be extended or exchanged for another gift ticket of the same or different value.
Does the gift ticket have an inclusive expiry date?
Yes, you can also use it on the last day indicated on the gift ticket.
I have a 9 € gift ticket, but I want to sit in LUKS, double or star seats. Can I use my gift voucher?
Yes, when the purchase amount exceeds the value of the gift ticket or card, the remaining balance must be paid in cash or by card. When the purchase amount is less than the value of the voucher or card, the remaining amount is not refundable.
Can I use my gift ticket to buy tickets online?
Yes, gift tickets can also be used for online ticket purchases. Please enter your existing gift ticket code in the "Use voucher or promotion code" field before payment.


Customer account issues

I have forgotten my Apollo Club password / want to change my password.
Your Apollo Club account password can only be reset by email and only if it is active and in our database. If you are unable to reset your password, please contact 
How can I delete my Apollo Club member account?
Email from the email address with which you created your account.
How long do you keep Club members personal data?
Club members personal data and information related to their purchases are stored for 10 years from the last use of their account, after which the personal data is automatically deleted. Personal data may be deleted earlier if the Apollo Club member makes a request


Lost/found items

I left my personal item in your cinema.
For a quicker answer about a lost item, visit the cinema. You can also write to with an exact description of the lost item. The information will be forwarded to the relevant cinema and you will be contacted personally.



I want to contact you. What number can I call?
There is no separate telephone number for the cinemas, for information please contact For urgent problems please contact the cinema resh registers directly. 

Getting and using a free ticket

What is a free ticket and how do I get one?

A free ticket is a ticket that a club member receives free of charge after viewing nine screenings of previously purchased tickets. The free cinema ticket is generated within 72 hours after the screening. It can be viewed in your account and is also sent to you by email.
Why can't I use my free ticket for an event/early premiere?

The free ticket is not valid during special events.
Can I give my free ticket to a friend or family member?
Gift tickets are transferable.
Can I use my free ticket to buy tickets online?

Gift tickets can also be used when buying a ticket online. At the start of the payment process, the system allows you to enter a discount code, which must be ticked.

Reviews about the screenings

Movie is showing in poor quality / LUKS or Star Chairs not working
If the quality of the movie is not good, the Star Chairs are not working or other problems have occurred, please inform a member of the cinema staff immediately. No complaints will be accepted after the screening.

All comments and suggestions can be sent to All comments and feedback relating to a specific cinema will be forwarded to the cinema concerned.