1.1.    These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter - "Terms and Conditions") of Sale and Use of Movie Tickets of Apollo Kinas UAB (hereinafter - "Apollo Kinas") shall apply to the purchase of movie tickets in all information boxes and self-service kiosks of cinemas belonging to Apollo Kinas, as well as in the website https://www.apollokinas.lt of Apollo Kinas (hereinafter - "Website") and in the mobile application "Apollo Kinas" (hereinafter - "Application/App").
1.2.    The ticket seller is Apollo Kinas UAB (hereinafter referred to as the "Seller"), address Jogailos str. 4, LT-01116 Vilnius, company code 305022480, e-mail address info@apollokinas.lt.
1.3.    The Rules shall govern the legal relations between Apollo Kinas and the purchaser of cinema tickets (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer").

1.4.    The locations of Apollo Kinas cinemas are indicated on the Apollo Kinas website.
1.5.    These Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, and the current Apollo Kinas cinema ticket price list are available on the Apollo Kinas website and the Apollo Kinas app.
1.6.    Apollo Kinas reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice by posting the new terms and conditions on the Apollo Kinas website and/or Apollo Kinas app. The new terms and conditions do not affect contracts concluded prior to the changes. The legal relationship between the Customer and Apollo Kinas shall be governed by the terms and conditions in force at the time of booking.

1.7.    By purchasing a cinema ticket, the Customer confirms that he/she accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
1.8.    In addition to these terms and conditions, the law of the Republic of Lithuania and the legislation in force in the Republic of Lithuania shall apply to the purchase.

2.1.    Cinema Information Points are open during cinema opening hours. The Apollo Kinas cinema will open at least 15 minutes before the start of the first screening, but no earlier than 10:00, and close 15 minutes after the start of the last screening.
2.2.    Tickets for cinema screenings at Apollo Kinas cinemas are available from the time of the announcement of the cinema schedule on the website, app, or self-service kiosk. The maximum time for the sale of cinema tickets for each screening is 10 minutes after the start of the screening. Tickets cannot be purchased after that time.
2.3.    You do not have to be a member of the Apollo Club to purchase tickets.
2.4.    In order to personalize your purchase and receive Apollo Club and Apollo Cinema privileges, you must have an Apollo Club account or register as an Apollo Club member. The Apollo Club registration conditions can be found on the Apollo Kinas website.
2.5.    In order to purchase cinema tickets at the self-service kiosk, the Customer must follow the instructions for purchasing tickets at the self-service kiosk. Apollo Kinas cinema tickets can also be purchased from the Apollo Kinas information desk in the workplace. Tickets and refunds must be checked for accuracy without leaving the self-service kiosk or information desk, after which no claims will be accepted.

2.6.    In order to purchase cinema tickets online, the Customer must visit the Apollo Kinas website https://www.apollokinas.lt and follow the instructions for purchasing tickets on the Website.
2.7.    In order to purchase cinema tickets via the Apollo Kinas app, the Customer must download the app from Google Play or the App Store on their smart device. The App may contain links to websites owned or operated by third parties. The owner of the App is not responsible for the operation, content, or other features of third-party websites. By visiting these websites, the user must accept the terms and conditions of these websites before using them.
2.8.    Instructions to the Customer for the purchase of cinema tickets (valid for ticket purchases at the self-service kiosk, on the website, and on the App):
2.8.1.    The Customer selects the Apollo Kinas cinema to which he/she wishes to go and then, by pressing the "SELECT A SCREENING" button, chooses the desired screening (auditorium, date, and time).
2.8.2.    The Customer selects the type of ticket, the number of tickets, and the type of chair where he/she wants to watch the selected screening and presses the button "BUY TICKETS" / "BUY TICKETS FOR THIS SESSION".
2.8.3.    The Customer shall select the appropriate seats from the seating plan and confirm the selection by pressing the "CONFIRM SEATS" / "CONFIRM SEATING" button.
2.8.4.    After confirming the desired seats, the Customer can check the details of the selected tickets, enter the code of the gift ticket, gift card, or promotion code, and choose the method of payment for the cinema tickets. The Customer must enter a valid email address in order to receive cinema tickets. The Customer selects the payment method suitable for him/her for the selected Apollo Kinas cinema tickets by clicking on the button "SELECT PAYMENT METHOD" / "PAY".
2.8.5.    Before payment is made, the Customer is asked to make sure that the selected cinema, date, and time of the tickets are correct and the Customer is informed that by paying for the cinema tickets, the Customer loses the right to cancel the contract.
2.8.6.    The Customer may also use the Apollo Cinema Gift Ticket, the Apollo Cinema Gift Card, and the Apollo Club Gift Card as a method of payment by entering or scanning the gift card number.
2.8.7.    The Customer can view the various payment methods available. After selecting a payment method, the Customer is taken to the payment environment of the selected service provider.
2.8.8.    The Customer confirms the order and pays for the entire order.
2.8.9.    After payment, the Customer shall click on the "BACK TO SELLER" button.
2.9.    Apollo Kinas will send an automated email to the Customer's email address provided by the Customer, together with the invoice and the purchased movie tickets.
2.10.    The cinema ticket is based on a QR code and the cinema ticket can be accessed through the security gate by scanning the QR code at the self-service gate or by showing the QR code ticket to an Apollo Kinas employee. You can also print your tickets at any Apollo Kinas self-service kiosk.

3.1.    The prices of cinema tickets are quoted in euros and include VAT.
3.2.    The prices shown in the price list are valid for cinema tickets at the time of purchase. If the price has changed during the visit to the cinema, the price in force at the time of booking shall apply. It is important that the Customer checks the prices on the order before paying for the tickets.

3.3.    The Customer shall pay for cinema tickets in full in advance by the methods specified in the purchasing environment:
3.3.1.    With accounts of Lithuanian banks: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, Citadele bankas, Medicinos bankas, Šiaulių bankas.
3.3.2.    Payment by Visa/Mastercard (credit) card
3.3.3.    Apollo Kinas gift ticket
3.4.    A service fee may be added to the price of the cinema ticket in accordance with the agreement between the Customer and the bank or credit card issuer or payment solutions provider.
3.5.    Payment is not made within the App but within the secure environment of the relevant bank reference or payment solution provider. Apollo Kinas does not have access to the Customer's bank/credit card details.

4.1.    Unused cinema tickets may be exchanged at the Apollo Kinas cinema of your choice up to 1 hour before the start of the screening of the film for which the tickets were purchased. In the event of a shortage of time, Apollo Kinas reserves the right not to exchange tickets (including after the end of the screening for which the tickets were purchased). If the price of the new cinema tickets exceeds the price of the cinema tickets to be exchanged, the Client undertakes to pay the price difference. Apollo Kinas will not refund the difference in the price of a replacement cinema ticket if the new screening ticket is cheaper.

4.2.    Apollo Kinas does not redeem cinema tickets and does not refund the money for the purchased cinema tickets unless the cinema screening is canceled due to Apollo Kinas' fault. Apollo Kinas will replace missed tickets with gift tickets. If the price of the new cinema tickets exceeds the price of the cinema tickets to be exchanged or replaced, the Client undertakes to pay the price difference.
4.3.    Apollo Kinas has the right to change the cinema schedule and to cancel in whole or in part the screening indicated in the confirmed and paid cinema tickets by sending a notification to the Client's contact details (email address) indicated in the Apollo Klubas account. If the Customer is not a registered member of Apollo Klubas, Apollo Kinas is not able to contact the Customer itself, in which case the Customer must contact Apollo Kinas for ticket exchange, gift tickets, or refunds. In such cases, tickets purchased for the canceled screening will be exchanged for gift tickets, new cinema tickets, or a refund of the price of the unfulfilled order within 14 days. The refund will be credited to the same bank account from which the tickets were paid. In the event of non-fulfillment of an order, a situation arises where Apollo Kinas is unable to show the screening selected by the Customer, for example, Apollo Kinas has to close the cinema for reasons beyond its control, there is an evacuation, or Apollo Kinas does not receive the film media of the Customer's choice (on time), or there are technical reasons beyond Apollo Kinas' control. In such cases, Apollo Kinas will not refund the tickets purchased, but the Client may exchange the tickets or substitute them for another suitable film screening. If the price of the new cinema tickets exceeds the price of the cinema tickets to be exchanged or replaced, the Client undertakes to pay the price difference.
5.1.    The personal data entered by the Customer at Apollo Kinas (email address) is processed primarily for the purpose of the execution of the order in accordance with the Apollo Klub Terms of Use, which can be found on the Internet https://www.apollokinas.lt 

6.1.    If Apollo Kinas is in breach of its obligations, the Customer shall be entitled to demand performance of the obligation, to refuse to perform the obligation, to claim damages, to reduce the price, to delay in the fulfillment of the financial obligation, or to withdraw from the contract.
6.2.    Apollo Kinas shall not be liable for any damages or other consequences resulting from incorrect data provided by the Customer.
6.3.    If you have any questions or complaints, please contact us at info@apollokinas.lt.

7.1.    Disputes arising between Apollo Kinas and the Client shall be settled by negotiation between the parties.
7.2.    In the event of failure to reach an agreement, all disputes shall be settled in accordance with the procedure provided for by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
7.3.    In the event of failure to reach an agreement, the Client shall have the right to apply to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service (Vilniaus g. 25, Vilnius, https://www.vvtat.lt).

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the Client confirms that he/she has read and agrees to comply with the Apollo Kinas Terms and Conditions.

These terms and conditions are valid from 1 December 2021.